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Frequently asked questions

Will karate help my child’s behavior?

Karate, at its core is about being the BEST person you can be, the Human Ideal. Self defense is our medium, and those two together form a powerful combination. Being able to defend yourself: builds confidence, and confidence builds character. Hard training builds willpower, work ethic and discipline. With Confidence, Work Ethic and Discipline, you can do anything.

My child has quit activities before, how can I keep him from quitting?

Making sure they attend classes at least once a week is one of the best things you can do as a parent. Also, Everyone has natural lulls in interest in Anything, so parental encouragement can go very far. If you want to motivate, just say: “I love to watch you practice.”

Why is Missouri Karate Association a Great Alternative to the Gym?

Community, at the Dojo you have a family of people who want to train with you and build you up. Second, its actually fun to move around with other people and learn REAL applicable skills. Unlike lifting the same lifts or hitting the same treadmill, your karate journey never has to stop, there is always more to learn.

Can my child do martial arts if they aren’t athletic?

Yes, in fact many kids that aren’t gifted in athletics, become good athletes as karate builds the legs and the core, both of which are important for nearly every body motion. Karate training results in: stronger legs & abs, faster, explosive legs and a more flexible body.