Welcome to our new Fluffy Pampas Grass Range!


Our fluffy pampas grass are beautifully handpicked pampas grass that can be used to decorate your loving home or be used for a event. 


Size: All stems range between  52cm - 55cm

Colour: light 


Stems can be kept for many years and make a great addition to a room, event or hallway. 


For the best decor finish, stems can be placed in a stylish vase or can standalone. 


All stems come pre-packed. Once you have opened your pack your stems should be gently shaken to fluff and get rid of any extra natural fluff. 


Tip: For extra fluffiness use a hairdryer to fluff the stems. This provides a lovely bounce to the Pampas.

Extra Fluffy Pampas Grass | 52 - 55cm | Natural Dried Pampas for Home, Weddings,